Photography Services

As part of our photography service each Headshot session in our Orlando photography studio includes instant viewing of all proofs, final image enhancement and images produced on CD. You keep a copy of all the final high res files to do as you wish. Standard proofs are also available. Each headshot session in our Orlando photography studio includes several poses including a tight headshot and also 3/4 length shots, both commercial and theatrical. Your headshot session is generally a 60 minute session with unlimeted wardrobe changes, feel free to bring several outfits and we will help you choose the right outfit for the backdrops we have. We shoot around 100 headshot images or so until we know we've got the look you're going for. We shoot in our Orlando photography studio and occasionally on location in the vicinity of the studio. Your headshot session is designed to get shots that best show your personality and gear towards the market you are going for. As we shoot your headshots we will take a few moments to look at the images as we go! That way we can make sure you are getting the look and style you want and make changes if we need to wardrobe, hair or makeup. Speaking of makeup, if you are confident in your ability to do your own then feel free to do that or we can recommend professional makeup artists that will make you look great and they will also help in hair styling changes. Keep in mind that they are independent contractors and charge a fee separate from ours.